You can test our skills in terms of mixing and mastering.


To do so, create an account, follow the recommendations related to your tracks, which are available on the Preparation page of this website, then go to the "Send tracks" page. For mixing, the final folder name should be as follow: artist’s name-title-word “mixfreetrial” (example: artist-title-mixfreetrial).


For mastering, which should be of single type without medatada, should be name as such: artist’s name-title-word “masterfreetrial” (example: artist-title-masterfreetrial).


After processing your free trial, a .wav file in 16bit 44100Hz should be provided (for a mix, the file should be up to 0dbfs ). The music file for either mixing or mastering should last 1 minute.


For a free trial, the mixing session will be kept on our system within a period of 1 month. Within this period of time, it will be possible to order your entire track from the “Order online” page to this website.


Send your project by clicking here