After you receive your invoice by email, please visit:

A Word document to include the final file would be much appreciated to better understand your expectations. Feel free to write in as much requirements as possible.


For mixes:


Important: Please name each of your track according to its nature (Kick, Snare, lead voice...). To catch the Sound Type Top / Bottom, specify in the Word document if the phase has been reversed.


Organize your tracks in a folder for which the title follows the BPM tempo (eg: title 96bpm).


Place all files in one folder named in the following way: artist’s name-project title-invoice number-word “mix” (example: artist-project-invoice number-mix).


Compress all your folders in a zip or rar file, etc.



For masterings:


Name each file with the serial number followed by the title (example: 05 title).


Place .wav files (in the original format with headroom) and the PQ list (list containing the metadata) in a folder named as follow: artist’s name-project name-invoice number-word “master” (example: artist-project-invoice number-master).


Exemple 2


For projects that should be mixed and mastered, name the final file as follow: artist’s name-project name-invoice number-word “mixmaster” (example: artiste-project-invoice number-mixmaster).


Then go to wetransfer , enter and your email address, then enter your invoice number as the message content, and send.


For large projects, the delivery can be done several times. Simply add the part number of the project right after the folder name (example: artist-project-invoice number-mixmaster part 1/2).


For mixes, it is possible to send your session folder in the same way, if your mixes have been performed in Pro Tools. Make sure that the session folder is complete so that it can be operational on another post. Do not forget to clean up files unused by the session.


Send your project


Once the processing completed, you can download your entire project from wetransfert , which will be sent to your email address.