Today, the Internet allows us to quickly share large files from anywhere at any time. is an online platform which provides services for mixing and mastering music. The concept is to allow music lovers to receive online services directly from an expert in sound engineering. Hence, through this platform, it becomes possible to bring musical work recorded in good conditions to the next level.

ManeeMastering is a recording studio specializing in mixing and mastering. Its setup was designed around a room acoustically processed, as well as high quality converters (Antelope, Dangerous Music), flawless cablings (Vovox, Mogami, Gotham), analog peripheral devices (D Rev 1176, Warm Audio wa76, G SSL bus comp, etc.) and digital signal processors (some plugins). This hybrid configuration contributes to getting the best balance between analog and digital technologies, while limiting constraints.



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de notre studio de mixage et mastering en ligne. mixing and mastering online .pop variété  jazz hip hop rap rock dance electro .


*2 sets of improvements performed per title are included.


 You are the owner of 100% of your project 


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